HECO Electric Motors

All HECO MOTORS are the most economical drives for :
MACHINE TOOLS and many other applications where totally enclosed structure is necessary.

Images Gallery of Single Phase Induction Motors and 3 Phase Induction Motors

Standard Voltage

400/440 and 220/230

Motors can be supplied for any other voltage on order. HECO MOTORS are horizontally foot mounted and can be supplied with shaft vertically up and down on requirement.

Single Phase Motors

Standard Voltage

220/230 Volts.

Standard Frequency

50 Hertz or CPS.

Operating Voltages

180/250 Volts.

Power Rating

1/8 to 3 H.P.

Rated Speed

2 Pole - 2900 R.P.M.


4 Pole - 1440 R.P.M.

A Centrifugal switch starting and running capacitors ensures quality performance, durability, longlife and smooth operation.

NOTE: Any Other R.P.M. & H.P. Motor can be manufactured on demand ... To Give Order Please Contact Us

Three Phase Motors

Standard Voltage

400/440 Volts.

Standard Frequency

50 Cycles/Sec.

Operating Voltages

380/450 Volts.

Power Rating

1/2 to 20 H.P.

Rating Speed

R.P.M. 2 Pole - 2900


R.P.M. 4 Pole - 1440


R.P.M. 6 Pole - 950

Features For Motors

  • Motors up to 3 H.P., have three terminals for direct starting.
  • Motors 5 H.P. And above are provided with Six Terminals Suitable for Direct or Star/Delta connections.
  • This type of motors develop approximately 170% full load torque at start and has a starting current of 5-6 times the full load current.
  • When star/delta starting is used, both starting torque and current are reduced to about one third of these values.

Constructional Specifications

  • BODY FRAME & COVER SHIELDS: Are made of fine grain Cast Iron.
  • STATOR & ROTOR: These are assembled under pressure. Stator is rigidly held in cast iron frame. These are built of high quality Electro steel sheets, each being insulated to prevent eddy current.
  • SHAFT: The Shaft is made of high tensile strength carbon steel and neatly finished on grinding machine.