With the help of Almighty Allah in 1964 HECO industries started its operation with the manufacturing of Electrical Induction Motors, from household to industrial usage. Because of the rigorous hard work of the management & dedicated staff HECO flourished day & night. In early 80s HECO started its pumps manufacturing unit and introduced high quality Cooler Pumps, Ejector Pumps and Reciprocating Pumps (Dunky Pumps).


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Pump repair

Water Bores—Testing Yield

Establishing a water supply bore often involves a large financial outlay. However, this expense may be small in comparison to the total cost of your water-related infrastructure.

Pump repair

Water Pump Buying Guide

When shopping for a water pump there are various items to consider. All water pumps are measured in discharge capacity (GPM), vertical suction lift, and maximum head lift.

Pump repair

Electric Motors Maintenance Guide

Here we provide an electric motor diagnostic table, a troubleshooting guide that helps diagnose and repair most electric motor problems.